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D. Michael Zamora

D. Michael Zamora

Advisor - CPA

Life Lessons Learned Early

I grew up in a large family so the value of a dollar was learned early on.  However, my parents made sure that we never did without, often sacrificing their own desires for ours.  By example, they taught us the most important things in a family: look out and care for each other, have goals and dreams, get a good education and plan for the future.  I believe that my childhood experiences laid the foundation that allows me to empathize with my clients’ needs.


Setting the Tone

My parents taught me that through desire, hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.  My father was an Air Force veteran who became an architect and general contractor with his own business, and my mother was a well-respected cattle rancher in a field dominated by men.  Their “entrepreneurial spirits” inspired me to start my own business helping others.


Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

Since 1994, I’ve had my own practice helping hundreds of clients plan a better financial future and attain dreams they thought were out of reach.  I approach each client case as a sort of “financial puzzle” that we can solve together.  It gives me no greater pleasure than to see the excitement that comes when a client realizes that there is a solution to their individual “puzzle”.


More about Mike

  • Married to Tammy with seven children (Christopher, Rachel, Jordan, Cameron, Tanner, Jackson and Jamison) and one grandchild, so far
  • B.B.A in Accounting with Honors from the University of Texas at Austin
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 1984
  • Vintage WWII Aircraft enthusiast